Fly of the Month 2017

December 2017

Cohen's Mullet
Tied to mimic a small mullet, favorite prey for inshore saltwater predators, Cowen's Mullet fly is a great pattern for bass and pike in freshwater.

Hook: Saltwater Baitfish style size #2-1/0
Thread: Fine mono
Underbelly: White Polar Fiber or EP fiber
Wing: Grey/black Polar fiber or EP fiber
Over Wing: Peacock herl or olive flash
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash blended with blue Krystal Flash
Body: E Z Body Braid (size large) natural color
Eyes: Stick on eyes
Glue: 5 minute epoxy or UV cure resin
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October 2017

Almost as versatile as the woolly bugger, the Zonker is an impressionistic baitfish pattern that catches every predator fish that swims.  Swap out colors to match the local baitfish forage in your favorite body of water, from shad to baby bass.

Rabbit Strip Zonker (Olive)
Hook: Size 1 to 10 streamer hook
Thread: Olive 140 denier UTC
Body: Mylar tubing (gold).
Wing(upper body): Rabbit (zonker) Strip
Eyes: Glue on eyes with a dab of epoxy or UV cure resin.
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September 2017

Foam Ant
The Foam Ant is a super simple dry fly to tie, and will absolutely slam trout and panfish across the Cornhusker State.  Simple materials and infinite variability make this pattern a great pattern to fill your fall fly box with.

Foam Ant
Hook: Size 16 to 10 dry fly hook
Thread: Black 80 denier UTC
Body: Strip of 3 or 5 mm black foam.
Wing: Black dry fly hackle.
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August 2017

Crazy Charlie
The Crazy Charlie is one of the best bonefish flies ever created.  This pattern is a spin-off of the clouser minnow, just scaled down a bit.  Traditionally tied in light tan, pink, and white colors to imitate shrimp (a bonefish's favorite food). This pattern is also killer tied in crayfish browns, olives, and browns for carp and smallmouth bass in freshwater. 

Crazy Charlie (crayfish color)
Hook: Size 6 Saltwater O'shaughnessy hook.
Thread: Olive 140 denier UTC
Tail: Root beer colored krystal flash
Body: Your favorite buggy olive colored dubbing.
Wing (carapace): Olive mottled synthetic hair (EP fiber or supreme hair)
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July 2017

The Zug Bug
The Zug Bug, created by Cliff Zug in the 1930s, was intended to be a caddis fly larvae imitation. This fly is an impressionistic pattern that can appear to mimic all types of aquatic insect larvae.  This fly is a panfish killer!

Zug Bug
Hook: 2x long nymph hook - Size 16 through 10
Thread: Black 140 denier UTC
Tail: Peacock herl
Body: Palmered peacock herl
Rib: Silver tinsel
Legs/Hackle: Brown or ginger hen hackle
Optional Wing Case: Mallard flank

Soft Hackle Zug Bug
June 2017

Golden Stonefly
Stoneflies are staples of the trout diet in cold-water rivers across the country.  Stonefly nymphs and adults are one of the bigger aquatic insects trout like to eat.  There might not be many cold water rivers or stoneflies near us, but this fly will work great for panfish across the Cornhusker state. 

Golden Stonefly nymph
Hook: 3x long nymph hook size 16 through 8
Thread: Yellow 70 denier UTC
Weight: Black 7/64th bead and lead wire on hook shank to sink fly

Tail: Amber goose biots
Body: Your favorite golden stonefly colored nymph dubbing
Rib: Fine gold wire
Back/Shell: Pheasant tail fibers

May 2017

The Bunny Leech
The bunny leech is a simple fly to tie that will catch anything that swims.  There is nothing that moves like a strip of bunny fur in the water.  Every subtle twitch of the fly causes sinuous motion that just can't be duplicated by any synthetic material.  Tie in blacks and olives to mimic actual leeches, or tie in bright colors for one of the best bass and pike streamers around!

Simple Bunny Leech
Hook: Standard streamer or nymph hook - Size 10 through 1/0
Thread: Black 140 denier UTC
Tail: Black bunny strip
Body: Black bunny strip palmered (wrapped) over hook shank.

April 2017

The Blue Winged Olive
One of the most widely distributed bugs in North American trout streams, the Blue-Winged Olive mayfly (the Genus - Baetis) makes up many a trout snack.  This fly is often called the Baetis or simply BWO.  This is also one of the smallest genus of mayflies. Their small size permits the growth of up to three generations per year (meaning ample opportunity to fish a dry fly hatch).  Tie the bodies in olive and browns, and tie the wings in shades of blue or grey. This fly also looks great tied in a parachute style.  Oh, don't forget to keep them small....

Standard Blue Winged Olive
Hook: Standard dry fly hook - Size 14 through 22
Thread: 70 denier UTC
Tail: Dun hackle fibers
Body: Light olive super fine/dry fly dubbing
Wing/Hackle: Dun/grey dry fly hackle

Standard size 18 BWO with small hackle tip wing in the center

March 2017

The Deceiver
A very timely pattern for March (a pike killer)... and probably the best general baitfish imitation ever created, Lefty's Deceiver is a mainstay in modern streamer fishing.  Created by Lefty in the 1950's to imitate smelt (forage for big coastal striped bass), this streamer pattern has influenced virtually every large streamer pattern since, and caught nearly every predatory fish in salt or fresh water across the globe.  Tie in bright colors for attractive patterns or tie in all white for the best general baitfish pattern around! This will catch virtually every predatory fish in Nebraska, just vary the size. 

Standard Lefty's Deceiver
Hook: Mustad 34007 size 5/0 through size 8 (or your favorite o'shaughnessy style hook)
Thread: White 140 denier UTC
Tail: Long White Saddle Hackles
Tail Flash: Pearl Flashabou
Body(optional): Pearl Braid or Pearl Flashabou
Wing (top): Chartreuse bucktail 
Wing (bottom):White bucktail
Gills (optional): Red Krystal Flash
eyes are also optional

February 2017

Hare's Ear Nymph
Probably the best general mayfly nymph imitation in ever created and should be a mainstay in every fly angler's arsenal.  Being infinitely variable, this fly can be tied in many ways.  Here in Nebraska, buggier/shaggy Hare's Ears work really well.  The natural "buggy" hare's ear fibers wiggle like little legs and gills which might as well be a dinner bell to a hungry trout!

Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
Hook: #18 - #8 Standard nymph hook
Thread: Brown - 70 denier or 8/0
Tail: Partridge feather fibers, pheasant tail fibers, or hare's ear guard hair fibers
Body: Blended dubbing created from pinching fibers off a hare's mask
Ribbing: Gold wire or gold krystal flash
Wing Case: Peacock herl, turkey quill fibers, or pheasant tail fibers
Thorax: Extra long/bushy fiber dubbing from hare's mask.

A few Hare's Ear's.... various sizes.
February 2017 Winner: Denise Morozov's Hare's Ear

January 2017

Blue Dun
The "Blue Dun" is an imitation of a grey-ish, white-ish, or blue-ish adult mayfly.  This fly is tied in the traditional "dry fly" method, with the dry fly hackle palmered (wrapped) completely around the hook. Opposed to a parachute style dry fly. 

Blue Dun Materials
Hook: #18 - #8 Standard dry fly hook
Thread: Grey- 70 denier or 8/0
Tail: Blue/Grey hackle fibers
Body: Blue/Grey dry fly dubbing. Slightly tapered toward the thorax.
Wing: Blue/Grey dry fly hackle to match the size of hook
Optional wing: Matched pair of white/grey duck quill wings

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