Cornhusker Carpfest 2019

Welcome to the THIRD annual Cornhusker Carpfest presented by Cornhusker Fly Fishers.  Cornhusker Carpfest is a fly fishing contest for what else... CARP!!!  Not only is this a chance to show off your fly fishing skills and meet fellow anglers, but this contest is also a great way to support the growing carp-on-the-fly community here in the heartland!  Cornhusker Carpfest takes place Saturday July 20th, 2019 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Keep Scrolling for all the details....

Where and When:

Contest takes place Saturday July 20th, at Oak Lake. Lincoln Nebraska. 
  • Registration begins at 7:30 am at the Cornhusker Fly Fishers tent at Oak Lake.
  • Open to all!
  • Cost of entry is $20 for each participant.  
  •  $$ Cash or Cards This Year!!! $$
  • Official start time is 8:00 am.
  • Official closing time is 4:00 PM sharp back at the Cornhusker Fly Fishers tent at Oak Lake.
  • Any PUBLIC  body of water is fair game to fish for the contest, just be back in time for the "weigh in".                                          
  • Participants are responsible for their own Fishing Permits or Nebraska State Park Entry Stickers.
 Pre-registration party location: BACKWOODS OMAHA - Friday July 19th 6-8PM
  • If you plan on fishing in the Omaha metro - you can per-register Friday night and start fishing Saturday morning, you have to be present at Oak Lake in Lincoln at 4PM on Saturday.
  • We will be hanging out from 6 to 8 pm.  Discussing the Carpfest, places to fish,  pre-registering participants, and distributing some awesome swag!!! There will be beer! Stop by and tell some lies!  We'll also have some sweet Cornhusker Carpfest hats for sale...

Tournament Rules:
  • Open to all ages and skill levels!!!
  • This is a catch, photo, & release contest (CPR). 
  • A Digital Camera or Camera Phone is required. 
  • Entry fee is $20. 
  • All Participants get a Cornhusker Carpfest trucker hat!!!
  • Anglers can register solo or as a pair of anglers to make a "team".  (Only 2 anglers per team this year). A "team" would be a great way to include/introduce a beginner or a youngster to fly carping...just saying...
  • Pure fly fishing only. 
  • Absolutely NO: pre-baiting, chumming, snagging, foul hooking, or adding scent to flies. Any evidence of these will lead to disqualification of angler/team, and you will be forever shunned.
  • Common Carp and Grass Carp count this year!!! (no buffalo or sucker species). 
  • No limit to the amount of carp you can catch, only the three biggest carp will count towards the grand prize.  That is, each angler or "team" will enter their top 3 longest carp measurements & pictures to win the grand prize. 
  • Carp will be measured to the nearest 1/2 inch. 
  • Measurement devices will be provided. 
  • A Cornhusker Carpfest "token" will be distributed at the start of the tournament to each angler/team.  This token must be present in photographs to count for the tournament.  
  • "Weigh in"Will be at Oak Lake at 4pm on July 20th - SHARP - Must be present to win.
  • "Weigh in" will consist of Carpfest judges inspecting the photographs and adding up carp lengths.
  • In the event of a tie... Shenanigans will be declared and casting competition will be held between the top two anglers/teams.  Carpfest judges will determine the appropriate competition parameters.
 There will be great prizes for:
  • Smallest Carp
  • Angler/Team with longest 3 carp
  • Runner up angler/team
  • Biggest Carp
  • Best Carp Picture (as decided by Cornhusker Carpfest judges).
  • Additional prizes/awards...
How to measure your carp...Just make sure your "token" is in the picture during the tournament. 
Measure to the tip of the tail. 17 1/2 inches exactly
You'll receive the tournament "Token" when you Register for the contest.

Join the Facebook event for Cornhusker Carpfest 2019, follow Larry Dostal on Instagram, and/or simply bookmark this page to stay up to date on the latest tournament news.  If you have a question about Cornhusker Carpfest, drop a comment here or the other social media pages, or drop Larry an email at

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