Fly Fishing School

2020 Fly Fishing School

Learn to Fly Fish
Are you interested in learning to fly fish? The Cornhusker Fly Fishers would like to offer you the opportunity to learn to fly fish with us.

When: June 20th - 9 a.m. till 3:45 p.m.
Where: Aksarben Aquarium - Schramm Park
Enrollment: NOW OPEN $15 per Angler - Open to anglers 15 years and older. Students need to enroll in advance to reserve spot!!! LIMITED SPOTS SO RESERVE NOW!!!
Enrollment Form: 2020 Fly Fishing School Enrollment Form

The purpose of this instruction is to provide you with the basic knowledge fly fishing. Additionally, you will learn the basics of casting (how to cast, and catch a fish), water and fish types in our area and ethical fishing practices.

The basics of fly fishing:
Learn about the terminology, discuss gear types, water types, fish, flies and more.

How to cast:
Learn about different ways to hold a fly rod, how to cast and how to present a fly to fish. 

How to catch a fish:
Catching a fish on a fly rod is a bit different than a spinning reel. You will learn how to catch a fish, how to set and properly remove hooks, and how to properly release the fish.

Understand fish food:
Learn about insects and their life stages and what fish eat in our area. Learn multiple types of flies from nymphs,  dry flies, streamers and hoppers. Learn why they work, and why they fail. You will also learn the basics of fly tying and storage.

Develop a fishing strategy:
Understand fish habitat, food sources, availability and preferences. Learn what to look for when choosing a fishing spot.

Ethical fish handling/releasing:
Learn how to remove hooks, handle fish, photograph and release. It is our mission to promote catch and release, and ethical treatment and handling of fish and we believe that by spreading this message, we can make a positive impact on our fish/fisheries we can help our community and protect the sport we love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me?
You should be prepared for a variety of conditions. For those that know, Nebraska weather is unpredictable, but mostly be prepared for wind and hot weather. Being prepared means being more comfortable which enhances your experience.

Please bring the following:
Appropriate fishing license
Insect repellent
Polarized glasses (Required for safety - polarized is best for viewing fish)
Water (Lunch is provided)

You should be able stand and/or walk for long periods. You should also be able to cast continuously with being able to grip a rod for long periods.


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