Fly of the Month 2015

December 2015


December's 's fly of the month winner is Mike Lach's Rubber-Legged Stimulator.

November 2015

The Black Gnat

November's 's fly of the month winner is Ken Whisenhunt's exceptional Black Gnat.

October 2015

The Girdle Bug
Hook: #4-12 Streamer or XL nymph hook
Thread: Read UTC 140 Black
Body: Black Medium Chenille
Legs:White Rubber Legs

The basic pattern is great stonefly nymph or general nymph that will catch anything.  Stonefly nymphs are pretty big in nature, don't be afraid to try a size 4 or 6.  Downsize for bluegill and stocker trout.  Can be tied in any color combo of legs and chenille you can think of.

October's fly of the month winner is Denise Miller with a textbook Gridle Bug.

September 2015

Muddler Minnow

September's fly of the month winner is Ron Hansen.

August 2015 is the Deer Hair Bass Bug

Ward Bean's Version of The Yellow Red Head Bass Popper
^^^Follow this link for great detailed tying instructions^^^

August's fly of the month winner is Jim Hoffman's excellent bass bug!!!

July 2015

Mickey Finn
Hook: #4-12 Streamer
Thread: Read UTC 70 or 6/0 thread of your choice
Body:Silver Tinsel
Rib: Silver Wire
Wing: Bucktail

June 2015

Elk Hair Caddis
Hook: #10-20 Tiemco 100SP-BL
Thread: Tan or Cream UTC 70 or 6/0 thread of your choice
Body: Olive Fine Dubbing
Rib: Small Gold Wire
Legs (Hackle): Brown or Ginger Cape Hackle
Wing: Natural Elk Hair

June's Fly of the Month winner Larry Dostal's Palomino Caddis (Fly Fish Food Pattern)

May 2015

Parachute Adams
Hook: Standard Dry Fly Hook (#22 through #12)
Thread: Olive UTC 70 or 6/0 thread of your choice
Tail: Hackle Fibers, Micro Fibetts, Paintbrush Fibers
Body: Grey (Adams) fine dubbing
Post: White Poly Yarn, EP Fiber, or Calf Tail
Wing: Dun or Grizzly Hackle

May's Winning Parachute Adams Tied by Gene Svensen 

April 2015

Clouser Minnow
Hook: #1/0-08 Tiemco 811S
Thread: White UTC 140
Eyes: Lead Dumbbell Eyes
Tail: White Bucktail
Collar1: Pearl Krystal Flash
Collar2: Chartreuse Bucktail

April's Winning Clouser Tied by Kenneth Whisenhunt

March 2015

Hook: Nymph/Wet Fly Hook #6-12
Thread: Black UTC 140

Tail: Red Biot / Teal or Mallard Flank Fibers
Body: Black and Yellow Chenille
Hackle: Badger Saddle Hackle
Wing: Barred Wood Duck

March 2015 Winning McGinty - Tied by Wally Jerrigan

February 2015

Prince Nymph
Hook: #08-20 Tiemco 3761
Thread: Red UTC 70
Tail: Brown Turkey Biots
Body: Peacock Herl
Rib: Gold French Tinsel
Wing: White Turkey Biots
Collar: Hungarian Partridge

* Add a Bead at the head if you need to get the fly down deep *

February 2015 Winning Bead Head Prince Nymph - Tied by Bob White

January 2015

Woolly Bugger
Hook: #4-12 2xl nymph hook
Thread: UTC 140 Color That Matches Chenille
Tail: Marabou
Body: Medium Chenille
Rib: Small Brass Wire, Gold
Hackle: Woolly Bugger Hackle, Grizzly Colored

*Beads and Cone heads tied near the hook eye make great additions to this pattern for probing the depths*

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