Fly of the Month 2019

December 2019
Griffith's Gnat
This small fly was designed to imitate a single midge (or any other small insect) or a cluster of midges floating along the surface.  Although midges are small, they can make up the majority of a trout's diet (and just about any other fish's) certain times of the year.  Throw this fly when midges or tiny mayflies are hatching.  This is also a great fly to use as a dropper behind a larger dry fly or hopper pattern. 
Hook: #12-24 Standard Dry Fly Hook (either straight or standard down turned eye)
Thread: UTC 70 Black
Body:  Peacock Herl (typically one strand)
Hackle: Standard Grizzly, size to match hook.

November 2019

The Merkin Crab

The fly of the month is the Merkin Crab Fly.  Created by Del Brown to target Permit on the saltwater flats of the gulf coast, this fly mimics a small crab or shrimp.  This fly and its derivative patterns have proven to be a permit, redfish, bonefish, and striper staples in salt water.  Tied in olives and browns it’s an amazing freshwater crayfish imitation that catches carp, drum, and catfish. 

October 2019

The Deceiver
A very timely pattern for March (a pike killer)... and probably the best general baitfish imitation ever created, Lefty's Deceiver is a mainstay in modern streamer fishing.  Created by Lefty in the 1950's to imitate smelt (forage for big coastal striped bass), this streamer pattern has influenced virtually every large streamer pattern since, and caught nearly every predatory fish in salt or fresh water across the globe.  Tie in bright colors for attractive patterns or tie in all white for the best general baitfish pattern around! This will catch virtually every predatory fish in Nebraska, just vary the size. 

Standard Lefty's Deceiver
Hook: Mustad 34007 size 5/0 through size 8 (or your favorite o'shaughnessy style hook)
Thread: White 140 denier UTC
Tail: Long White Saddle Hackles
Tail Flash: Pearl Flashabou
Body(optional): Pearl Braid or Pearl Flashabou
Wing (top): Chartreuse bucktail 
Wing (bottom):White bucktail
Gills (optional): Red Krystal Flash
eyes are also optional


September 2019
Yellow Beady Eye
This is a fly created by long time Cornhusker Fly Fishers member, Kenneth Whisenhunt.  This fly's claim to fame is having caught nearly everything that swims in the Cornhusker State.  With only 3 ingredients, this is one of the flies we recommend new fly tiers to spin up.  Figure-8 a pair of eyes down, lash down a red tail, and palmer up some yellow chenille.  What does it imitate? We don't know!!! But we can guarantee it catches fish!

Yellow Beady Eye
Hook: Size #12 - #6 -  Nymph or Streamer hook.  
Thread: Red- UTC 140 denier 
Tail:  Red turkey quill fibers, red rubber legs, red hackle fibers, RED ANYTHING!!!
Body: Yellow chenille, yarn, or dubbing.
Eyes: Medium bead chain.


August 2018
Chernobyl Ant

Summer and fall is hopper season in Nebraska.  Bluegill, bass, trout, carp, even catfish will gladly sip a hopper off the surface of the water.  The longer the year goes on, the bigger the grasshoppers get.  There are deer hair grasshopper patterns, balsa wood patterns, foam patterns, and hackle floated hopper patterns.  An easy to tie and easy to customize hopper pattern is the Chernobyl Ant.  Tie in yellows/browns/greens to mimic natural grasshoppers.  Tie in black or grey to mimic crickets.  Or tie in bright pink or chartreuse as an attention grabbing pattern. The Chubby Chernobyl is a more realistic looking pattern with a poly-yarn wing.

Chubby Chernobyl (Chernobyl ant variation)
Hook: Size #12 - #4 -  Nymph or Streamer hook.  
Thread: White - UTC 140 denier 
Body: Yellow or brown dry fly dubbing.
Back: Strip of yellowish or brownish closed-cell foam
Legs: Barred Sili Legs (yellow or brown)
Wing: White poly-yarn

July 2019 is the Deer Hair Bass Bug

Ward Bean's Version of The Yellow Red Head Bass Popper
^^^Follow this link for great detailed tying instructions^^^

  Jim Hoffman's excellent bass bug!!!

June 2019
Hybrid Carp Worm
June's fly of the month is the Hybrid Carp Worm (Montana’s Hybrid Worm).  The fly was created by John “Montana” Bartlett to imitate freshwater clams and mussels in the Columbia River basin of the Pacific Northwest. This fly is a combination or “hybrid” of a soft hackle nymph and a san juan worm.  It looks like a worm, clam, or nymph, at the same time and allows a carp to see the food it wants!  Don’t leave home without one if you’re planning on targeting carp!  

The Hybrid Carp Worm
Hook: #10-6 Salmon Egg hook, Tiemco 105, Gamakatsu C14S, or Saltwater Live Bait hook
Thread: Black 140 Denier UTC thread.
Weight: Large Bead chain, brass, or Lead eyes depending on desired sink rate
Tail: Wine (Burgundy), Red, Pink, Tan, or Olive Ultra Chenille (San juan worm chenille)
Body: Peacock herl, cactus chenille, or peacock colored nymph dubbing.
Hackle: 1 "Soft" hackle feather -  Brown, natural, or grizzly, Hen neck/saddle.  Natural or grey partridge feather. Or natural or yellow died pheasant rump feather.

May 2019
Muddler Minnow
The muddler minnow is one of the standard/classic streamers that should be in every angler's fly box.  This fly mimics a small sculpin, goby, or other baitfish that inhabit our local waters.  This is a great fly to practice your deer hair spinning techniques.  The great thing about the muddler minnow, it has infinite variations and has influenced many "modern" streamers that are used to target huge brown trout.

April 2019
The Egg Fly (Glo Bug)

Tied to imitate a single salmon or trout egg, with simple materials, this fly is deadly for all species of trout and salmon.  A stout hook, strong thread, and some egg yarn is all you need to fill a box with these simple flies.  A white egg fly is a perfect fly to use for carp during cottonwood fluff season.  A bright chartreuse egg fly is a great attention grabbing pattern for bluegill and sunfish.  Orange/peach with a red dot is a close imitation of natural trout or salmon eggs.

Egg Fly
Hook: #6-12 Salmon Egg hook, Tiemco 105, Gamakatsu C14S
Thread: White 100 or 200 Denier GSP thread, Kevlar thread, or 250 Denier UTC thread.
Egg Body: Pink, orange, white, or peach colored McFly Foam or Egg yarn.

March 2019
The Woolly Bugger

One of the most ubiquitous fly patterns that will catch every fish that swims in the Cornhusker State.  The woolly bugger doesn’t mimic any specific fish food item, but resembles a bug… or a minnow… or a crawfish… or maybe a leech.  Standby colors are olive, black, and white, but there’s no reason not to experiment with bright colors.  Purple is a largemouth bass favorite. 
Black Woolly Bugger
Hook: #4-12 2xl nymph hook
Thread: UTC 140 Color That Matches Chenille or bright highlight color
Tail: Black Marabou
Body: Medium Chenille
Rib: Small Brass Wire, Silver or copper
Hackle: Woolly Bugger Hackle, Grizzly or Black colored
 Related image
February 2019
Caddis flies are staple food source in many trout streams and bodies of water in the Cornhusker State.  Verdigre Creek has a stable base of "cased" caddis flies that make up a large portion of the diet of the trout there.  This pattern is simple to tie, with a body made entirely of dubbing.  Vary the weight of the fly to allow proper depth control and to keep your fly drifting naturally along the bottom.
Caddis Nymph
Hook: #12 - #18 nymph/scud/emerger  hook
Thread: Red- 70 denier or 8/0
Rib: Small brass wire
Body/Case: Green or tan nymph dubbing
Thorax/legs: Black nymph dubbing
Head: Black tungsten or brass bead

January 2019
The Blood Worm fly is an imitation of midge larvae.  These small, segmented worms are a staple food source for trout and other fish during the winter months.  The blood worm gets its name from the hemoglobin bloodline through the middle of the worm.  These flies are super simple to tie, so spin up a bunch and dead drift them to your next trout!
Simple Blood Worm Fly
Hook: #14 - #22 nymph/scud/emerger  hook
Thread: Red- 70 denier or 8/0
Rib/Body: Small Red or Clear V-Rib (soft vinyl rib material)

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