Fly of the Month

These are the fly patterns our members have chosen for our "Fly of The Month" fly tying contest.  Cornhusker Fly Fisher Members bring their best rendition of the assigned "Fly of the Month" to that month's meeting, and the present members vote on their favorite!  A photo of the month's winning fly will be posted once a winner is chosen. 

To see original fly patterns developed by CFF members, be sure to check out  Member Flies  

January 2019

The Blood Worm fly is an imitation of midge larvae.  These small, segmented worms are a staple food source for trout and other fish during the winter months.  The blood worm gets its name from the hemoglobin bloodline through the middle of the worm.  These flies are super simple to tie, so spin up a bunch and dead drift them to your next trout!

Simple Blood Worm Fly
Hook: #14 - #22 nymph/scud/emerger  hook
Thread: Red- 70 denier or 8/0
Rib/Body: Small Red or Clear V-Rib (soft vinyl rib material)

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